Winner of our Memory Wall competition announced!

We recently ran a contest where Buckham Fair fans sent in their favourite memories of Buckham over the 10 years – and we were inundated with GREAT photos and memories taken of our event, since starting in 2008.

From muddy fields, to Corgi cuddles, to slobbery Clydesdale kisses, to  drenched smiles in the beer tent – we’ve seen it all over the years – and only because you have made it wonderful. Check this link online boutique swater.

So, to celebrate the memories shared, we’ve created a memory wall created out of a selection of the photos sent in.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 09.12.02

we’re honoured to announce the winner of our Memory Wall competition…..

*drum roll*

Congratulations to PAM BRUCE for sending in, what we like to call, the 5-second Corgi Calm. (Even Jim has been caught under their spell… what’s THAT all about? He’s always Mr Alert…. They must be some special Corgis!)

Well done, Pam. We’ll be in touch to get you some Buckham Fair Merchandise in time for this year’s show!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 09.49.51


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