Best Rescue Dog

Buckham Fair Best Rescue /re-homed Championship This Championships was started in 2012, from an idea of Mrs Diana Clarks’ and with the help of Mrs Rosemary Young the competition was launched. Both ladies support the re-homing of dogs to give them a second chance to have a good life. Diana says “Every re-homed dog is a winner”.

Qualifying classes are held at local dog shows throughout Dorset/Somerset and Devon and is open to every dog/bitch pedigree and cross breed. The Judge awards up to 4 qualifier tickets for entry at the Buckham Fair Pony and Dog Show Championship. Qualifying tickets are not necessarily given for the saddest story. Judges take into consideration the condition of the dog, depending on time of ownership, problems faced by the new owners, any retraining that has been undertaken, and what the dog has brought to both owner and their family.


It is kindly sponsored by Girling and Bowditch our local Veterinary Surgeons and Kitson and Trotman Solicitors As the popularity of the competition has grown they have been joined in 2015 by Jackson-Stop and Staff Local and National Estate Agents. With the help of these 3 sponsors we are able to offer prize monies to 6th place.

girling-bowditch      JacksonStopsandStaff   kitson-trotman

Prize money goes only to registered dog charities based in the UK and approved by the organisers.

  • 1st £350 to approved charity £25 to the handler.
  • 2nd £200 to approved charity £20 to the handler
  • 3rd £150 to approved charity £15 to the handler
  • 4th £100 to approved charity £10 to the handler
  • 5th £50 to approved charity £5 to the handler
  • 6th £50 to approved charity £5 to the handler

2016’s Winner

Nell Burges with her dog Kanella
Nell Burges with her dog Kanella

2016’s winner was beautiful Kanella, with her owner Nell Burges. Kanella was a street dog in Greece. Abused and injured by farmers, she desperately tried to find food to feed herself. Nell discovered Kanella and it didn’t take long before fell in love with her and brought her back to the UK.

They now both share their lives together supporting each other through difficult times. Just before the show, Kanella became poorly and underwent investigations where it was discovered that she needed surgery to remove buck shot.

The prize money of £350 went to the Greek Animal Rescue Charity no 802243.

Previous Years

Full list of results and charities that received prize monies can be found by clicking on the web link below.

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