Best Rescue Results: 2017

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Our 2017 Champion of Champions. Tracey Ison and Scout

(Written by Tracey Ison)

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 10.56.42“For all the lovely people who have asked about Scout’s story, here it is. Scout was found as a stray in County Durham when he was just a puppy. Scout was taken to a local pound and first thoughts were that Scout was both blind and deaf. Scout was also suffering from mange and had contracted kennel cough.

Because of his multiple problems, it was felt that euthanasia may be the kindest option for him, after all, who would want a puppy with so many issues? Luckily for Scout, and due to the heroic efforts of three amazing rescue organisations -Greyhound and Lurcher Aid, Lancky Dogs and East Midlands Dog Rescue ,  Scout’s life was saved and he was transported down to the Midlands on what has been dubbed The Journey of hope along with twelve other waifs and strays, all being dropped off at a number of different rescue centres.

Scout was left in the capable hands of Sandy McCluskey at East Midlands Dog Rescue and we were lucky enough to adopt Scout a short time later and he has turned our world upside down. Although not deaf,  Scout is almost totally blind but this does not hold him back in the slightest. Scout’s positivity and zest for life is simply amazing. Together we try to demonstrate to people just how rewarding adopting a dog with a disability can be.

Scout has climbed mountains and has paddled in the sea, he runs off lead with his friends and treats every day like its the best day ever. Ambassador for East Midlands Dog Rescue, Scout attends fund raisers and meet and greets where he treats everyone to one of his world famous facials. Scout has also passed his Good Citizens Bronze award and is also a registered Pets As Therapy dog. Scout has been my rock since I lost my dad to an aggressive cancer in 2015, helping me through some pretty dark times. Scout’s life and adventures has inspired me to write a book about him and all that he has achieved (which includes his first meeting with Martin Clunes at Buckham Fair in 2016) .  The book – For the love of Scout – promises to a small dog was released by publishers Hubble and Hattie about two weeks ago and we couldn’t be prouder of our boy. Out motto and philosophy is to “be more Scout” .

Winning the Rescue Championship at Buckham Fair really has been a dream come true for us and we hope that more people will be able to share a bit more Scouty love.”

We wish Tracy and Scout a happy and healthy future together.


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The Results for 2017

Charities to benefit from this event. 

1st        East Midlands Dog Rescue       £350

2nd      Retired Greyhound Trust.         £200

3rd       Oldies Club                                  £150

4th        Blue Cross Tiverton branch      £100

5th         Ferne Animal Sanctuary           £50

6th         Cinnamon Trust                         £50

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