Classic Car exhibition at Buckham Fair

2016-buckham-fair-052_1For those who have visited Buckham, you would no doubt be aware of our wonderful classic car display. From Moggies to Mopeds, Austins to Anglias – our classic car exhibition, organised by Fair favourite Nick Aplin and his team from the Transport of Yesteryear motor group, has been a much loved tradition for many a visitor – young and old, 2-legged or 4.

And as the event grows year by year, we are often asked by our visitors how they, too, can become part of the classic car display.

As this part of the event is coordinated by Nick and the motoring club – any visitor who has an interest in bringing their own classic car to the event, and be part of this display, can contact the Buckham Fair team through We will then put you in touch with Nick who can coordinate further details with you, and confirm space availability within the display.

As you will appreciate, the fairground has limited space – which means that any interested visitors will need to get in touch before the event.



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