Best Rescue Results: 2016

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Nell Burges with her dog Kanella
Nell Burges with her dog Kanella

Nell Burges with her dog Kanella.

They Qualified for Buckham Fair Championships at Dorset Dog festival Bournemouth. Kanella was a street dog in Greece who was badly abused by farmers as she tried to scavange for food. She was shot and beaten and just about managed to survive on her own. Kanells and Nell were destined to meet. She quickly fell in love with her and decided to ensure that the rest of Kanella’s life would be one filled with love and caring. With that, Nell made the decision to bring her back to the UK.
They now both share their lives together, always supporting each other through difficult times. Just before the show, Kanella became poorly and underwent investigations. The findings resulted in urgent surgery to remove buck shot.

The Prize Money for the Winner

The Prize Money, totalling £350,  awarded as part of this competition was donated to the Greek Animal Rescue Charity (Charity Number: 802243), a UK-based registered charity, established in 1989, which aims to help the abused, neglected, stray and injured animals of Greece.

The Results for 2016

Congratulations to the wonderful winners of 2016. These included:

All Charities were registered uk based and approved by the organisers

1st Place: The Greek Animal Rescue   £350

2nd Place:  Dogs Trust     £200

3rd Place: Hounds First Sight Hound Rescue   £150

4th Place: Happy Landings   £100

5th Place:  Dogs Trust   £50

6th Place:  Forever Hounds Trust   £50



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