One man and his Gundogs – back for Buckham Fair 2017

Stephen Harrison and his Gundogs is a firm favourite with many people who visit Buckham Fair – and we’re thrilled that they have chosen to return this year to join the spectacles in our main display ring!

From Stephen’s website:

“Stephen’s story is a simple one: ex-Army, now a Magistrate and an intelligence and security consultant who has a passion for training and demonstrating gundogs. Stephen works as Head Trainer at Mullenscote Gundogs at weekends helping his mentor, Howard Kirby, run 6 courses every weekend for all abilities of Gundog and handler, ranging from puppy courses to Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate. He also offers private, home-based training for dog owners living near his home.

His Shows

A typical show lasts 30-40 minutes and has 3 elements: first, a demonstration and explanation of basic reward-based dog training techniques, including how to address common problem areas such as: pulling on the lead; jumping up; running away; barking etc. This is followed by a demonstration of gundog skills, including: retrieving; hunting; steadiness to shot and flush; distance control using whistle & hand signals; and steadiness to distractions – all accompanied by an amusing and informative commentary.

The final part is the real crowd pleaser: a humorous and comprehensive display of tricks, including balancing a sausage on the dog’s nose, reverse parking, walking on toes, jumping through hoops, dancing, meerkat impressions, saluting, playing dead, marching, and many, many more. The highlight and final trick steals the show: Daisy is placed in a suspended collar while Stephen explains something to the audience. Whilst Stephen’s back is turned, Daisy slips out the collar, steals some food and puts her head back in the collar, leaving Stephen perplexed as to what has happened to the missing food!

Stephen involves members of the audience and invites everyone to come and meet the dogs afterwards and ask questions on any aspect of dog training.

Ideally, the demonstrations will take place in an enclosed grassy arena the size of about 4 tennis courts, a cordless PA system will be available and parking will be possible adjacent to the arena. But Stephen is able to adapt to whatever facilities are available.”


We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Stephen and his team back to Buckham Fair this year! Make sure you don’t miss this one.

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