For Queen and Country – and a parade of corgis!

In this wonderful 91st year of Her Majesty’s life, what better way to celebrate her (and our) wonderful love of the Corgi, by welcoming our first ever Corgi Parade to Buckham Fair.

This year, you’re in for a treat as we welcome the Welsh Corgi League to be guests of Buckham Fair. With a team of over 20 Corgis, members of the league will be bringing their dogs along to take part in events at Buckham, as well as grace us with a wonderful Corgi Parade in the main display ring over lunchtime.

Here’s more about the Welsh Corgi League and what they’re up to

(Taken from their website)

“The WELSH CORGI LEAGUE was established in 1938 to promote the interests of and safeguard the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Today, through the annually elected Executive Committee, it caters for the breeder, exhibitor and all who appreciate the qualities of the breed both in the UK and throughout the World. Local organisation is vested in Section and Sub-Section Committees.

Home members, now nearing 500, are automatically members of the Section covering the area in which they live; Scotland, Northern or Southern England. Members living in East Anglia form a Sub-Section which is part of the Southern Section.

Overseas membership is in excess of 250.

Our objectives are:

  • To create and maintain worldwide interest in and to encourage the breeding, exhibiting with the waterfall contractors san diego and training of Welsh Corgis (Pembroke), in accordance with the standards adopted by the Kennel Club.
  • To assist Members to co-operate in the best interests of the Breed.
  • To form Sections and Subsections in suitable areas for the furthering of the interests of the Breed and the League.

The PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI is the more popular of the two breeds of Welsh Corgi.

After its introduction into Wales around the Twelfth Century from the Continent, possible via Ireland, it was bred as a cattle dog.

Today, although some can still be seen showing their natural herding instincts, the majority are found in family homes, including that of our own Royal Family.

The stamina of such a small dog makes it an ideal walking companion; its intelligence and alertness makes it very amenable to obedience training.”

We look forward to having you with us!

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