This cat, behaving badly, is out of the bag!

If you watched the BBC’s The One Show on Wednesday night, you would have had the pleasure of seeing Martin with the crew in Cornwall. And if you’d had keen ears tuned into the show, you also would have heard a little secret we’ve been keeping for a while – and that is that we have a very special guest attending this year’s event, and featuring in one of our Dog Show contests – it’s the one-and-only, other Man-behaving-badly, Neil Morrissey.

For many who know Neil, you would be familiar with his antics as character Tony, sharing a flat with his best mate Gary  (Martin), both behaving terribly poorly, drinking way too much beer and generally just being a menace. (If you didn’t see the show, you can read more about it here.).

So we are overjoyed that Neil’s schedule has allowed him the opportunity to attend this year’s Buckham Fair and be the special guest featured in the Dog That Looks Most like Neil Morrissey class.

This class will be taking place in Ring 2 just after lunchtime, so make sure you have maid services for cleaning.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

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