Dorset Search Dog: A Hidden gem worth knowing about!

If you’ve been to Buckham, you’ll probably be familiar with the wonderful attraction that the team from Dorset Search Dogs give! Located just on the hill below the Food Court this year, the team (inclusive of their 4-legged support network) will show us what it truly means to search and find!

Dorset Search Dogs is a non-profit voluntary organisation helping the police, Coastguard, Dorset Search and Rescue and other rescue teams to look for missing people every day of the year.

For the team of dogs that have been trained, and take part in this incredible cause, it’s a huge game of Hide and Seek. But in reality, their involvement represents so much more importance. They have been involved in hundreds of search operations and have played a vital role in saving many lives.

The running of Dorset Search Dogs has to be heavily subsidised by the handlers and the organisation is always looking for donations – which is why we’re so thankful that they continue to support Buckham Fair. We couldn’t be prouder to help spread the word about what this incredible team of 2-legged and 4-legged volunteers do!

Don’t miss them!



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